Choose the right marketing campaign for you!

Every single one of our marketing campaigns is designed to trigger different behaviors and to allow you to reach specific goals:



Continue to increase the rate at which you win new customer profiles and qualify them by collecting relevant data.


Boost your turnover with our campaigns that are designed to convert your visitors into customers.

Brand image

Build a sense of attachment to your brand and create unique, lasting connections with your Customer Family.


Transform your customers into brand ambassadors and get them to give valuable recommendations to their friends and family!


Your campaigns will be implemented with just a few clicks, via our simple, intuitive interface!

opérations marketing solution digitale

Discover our continuous marketing campaigns:

Instant win

By taking part in an instant win contest, entrants know instantly whether they have won a prize. They can get a second chance to play by sharing the contest with their friends, and may win a consolation prize for doing so.

Classic contest

Classic contests attract visitors because of their simplicity. They also have the benefit of allowing you to capture contestants’ data and allowing you to raise your visibility.


Multiple choice or custom questions… we make it easy to set up a quiz. Winners can be chosen by lots and can double their chances of winning if they share the quiz with their friends.

Photo contest

Offer your visitors a photo contest to improve your brand image, highlight your products, and interact with your customers!

Video contest

Motivate your community with our video contests to build customer attachment, with contest entrants inviting their friends to vote for the video they create.

Text contest

From cooking recipes to love letters and poems, organize a contest where competitors can submit their texts and win! Numerous votes, thanks to shares on social networks, allow you to pick a winner.

Treasure hunt

Launch a treasure hunt on your site to encourage your customers to interact more! This campaign will drive your traffic while reducing your bounce rate and increasing customer attachment.


Encourage your visitors to vote for their favorite product. You’ll learn a lot about their wants and needs, and you can even reward them via a random draw!

Post-order instant win

This type of instant-win contest will let your customers win prizes based on the order they’ve just placed, transforming the purchasing experience on your site into a fun game!

Newsletter inscription

Increase your opt-in rates by rewarding customers who subscribe to your newsletter with a discount or prize.

Fan award

Convert your fan base into customers! Thank them with a prize or a discount when they place an order for your products.


There’s nothing like scratch-offs when it comes to developing a multi-channel strategy! This operation allows you to combine your different points of contact to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Group buying

Engage with your customers and visitors by allowing them to benefit from a special offer if they invite as many friends as possible to join in. The offer can be accessed once the stated number of participants has been reached.

Private sales

Use exclusivity to your advantage by organizing a private sales event: with exceptional discounts, product previews, and private sales events for selected customers.

Event registration

Do you organize events on a regular basis? Whether they take place in store or online, remind your customers and fans automatically and invite them to sign up!

Content download

Strengthen the link with your fans and customers by providing them with advice and information via downloadable content.

Discount codes distribution

Control the online distribution of your discount codes. You decide when to release them to be shared on social networks, and whether to distribute a unique or a generic code for each participant.

Increasing coupons

The value of the discount increases with the number of unique customers who take up the offer. You decide the maximum value of the discount and, thanks to the online sharing, you’ll gain new customers.


With our forecasts campaign, let your customers make their bets in a contest and reward the most accurate predictions!


To promote your sales at peak times, make your customers return to your site daily by using the calendar widget to organize daily teasers.

Stay in touch with your customers by choosing the right occasion!

On the basis of all of these ongoing campaigns, SPREAD has pre-packaged a selection of seasonal campaigns to provide a targeted boost to your annual sales peaks.

These key moments inspire a powerful sense of attachment in your visitors and customers, giving them the feeling that you genuinely want to please them with games and prizes in particular.


Valentine's Day Calendar

Seven days before Saint Valentine’s Day, give your visitors a calendar containing seven tips to help them prepare for the romantic feast day.

Love Letter Contest

Ask your fans to write a love letter to your brand and share it online. The jury (selected by you) will pick out the best.

Valentine’s Day Instant Win

The five days in the run-up to Valentine’s Day can be marked by an instant-win contest so that your visitors will instantly know if they’ve won.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Organize an instant-win contest for Paddy’s Day! Players can choose two cards from eight – and if they see two pots of gold, they’re a winner!

Easter Egg Hunt

Invite your customers to take part in an Easter egg hunt. Hide them on different pages of your online store. The eggs that they gather are then turned into tickets for a prize draw.

May Day

The May Day offer allows your customers to enjoy a 50% discount on shipping and handling for all orders placed beforehand.

Mothers’ Day – Photo Contest

This is one of the best occasions to organize a photo contest. Ask mothers to submit a photo of them with their families, for instance — then they’ll get their friends to vote for them to win the prize you’re offering.

Mothers’ Day – Instant Win

Take advantage of Mothers’ Day to spoil the moms in your community! Our pre-packaged instant win contest has a feminine twist to mark the occasion and is the best way to quickly and simply make the most of the big day.

Fathers’ Day – Photo Contest

Just like moms, dads can post their photos with their kids. The dad who gets the most votes from his friends will be named the winner!

Fathers’ Day – Instant Win

Dads also get to take part in their own instant win contest! Launch this quick, pre-packaged campaign to raise your profile and give the event a boost!

Summer vacation contest

Keep your visitor numbers high during the summer period with this contest and offer prizes that will come in handy on vacation

Back to school

Help your customers and visitors to prepare to go back to school with a discount across their entire order.

Advent Calendar

From December 1st to 24th, make your customers and visitors come back daily to discover the daily prize.

Four Weeks of Christmas Calendar

Make your customers return regularly, and boost your order value at the same time in the four week run-up to Christmas by organizing any four selected marketing campaigns.

New Year's Eve

Get the New Year off to a great start by inviting your visitors to take part in instant win contests!


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